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Creative Coaching for Musicians

Anette also works with musicians who want to explore their creative potential

The creative process of getting into the flow, working with obstacles and finding the heart line of your work is similar in every art form.

Creating music is like building a cathedral. And a bit like writing a novel.

If you are a musician, and particularly a composer who is 'stuck' with their creative work, or who wants to journey beyond their current way of working, you can book an exploratory session with Anette and let yourself be surprised. 

If you are a performer, you this process will help you to reconnect with the source of your passion!


Anette was a musician herself for a long time.

She worked in classical music and modern classical music, and she also directed operas Yes, really.

Her most recent coaching work was with Jean-Philippe Drécourt, a composer of  electro-acoustic music. Jean-Philippe was looking for a new approach to his creative process. He was also working on a piece that he loved very much and had dedicated a lot of time to. Working with Anette released a new energy and a new approach for his composition.

Here is a link for you to listen to:

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